Wednesday, December 17, 2008

on saturday we spent all day baking. we make a big mess but we had alot of fun. Most of the bread turned out pretty good. We went to a little vinyl sign / boutique and looked at alot of really neat stuff including the cute ornaments. I ordered some vinly lettering for my living room because the one I have you cant't really read. One of the sales girls was really quite snotty too, but earlier when Jenn and I were there the owner helped us and she was quite nice. I thought we had more pictures from that day. Maybe they are in Jennys camera. Later that day Jenn and Rachel got into a huge fight. But because they are such good sisters they made up later and everything turned out fine.

Baking day

see how much fun we can have when we get along
Ta da!
see they turned out allright without sour milk.

After all that baking he just needed a little pick me up.
You want me to do what?

Rub a Dub dub

I remember giving Jenny and Rachel a bath in the sink. Babies are so much fun. I almost wish they could stay little.

Christmas ornaments

I needed to make some little thing to give to my co-workers. At a little place next to j&L gardens I found these little tile ornaments that we put together ourselves are they not the cute? And they were so easy even I could do it.

sour milk? Oh well we just won't put it in

We were trying to make Banana bread and it called for sour milk, but we couldn't find directions for making it so we left it out. They tasted ok without it.